Marie Boutteçon Watches

Our premier watches are an ultra-feminine collection based on a clever system of bezels you can interchange easily, allowing you to decorate the watch with your favorite styles and details with one click.

Each bezel is made of sterling silver and designed with the best of fine jewelry techniques. The variety of bezels we offer showcase the versatility and uniqueness of its wearer because we believe your style, your state of mind, your emotions, and your lifestyle cannot be expressed with a singular watch face.

Our interchangeable bezels narrate your life story, while always displaying happiness, beauty, and the poetry of fine jewelry and watchmaking design.


All designs are created by our founders, Marie Boutteçon & Etienne Ruffieux. Both are expert watch designers who have worked for the world’s most prestigious haute horlogerie brands. They have created some of the most unique, complex artistic watches with jeu d’esprit.

And now, our founders have partnered their passions and experiences together to create a new brand. We invite you to partner with us, bringing your creativity with how you wear our watches.

Our Brand Story

Your watch should be as versatile and unique as you are. Change the face of your watch from day to night with our trademarked technology, and play with designs according to your style, your state of mind, your emotions, and your lifestyle.

Marie Boutteçon was born from the beautiful blend of fine watchmaking and fine jewelry design, perfectly combining the precision of watchmaking and the delicate art of jewelry into premier watch designs.

We invite you to the world of Marie Boutteçon–a space for your infinite creativity founded on Marie’s imagination. Experience our timeless and refined watches that are full of movement and life.